Triskill Design - New Studio in Bray

Hi All

Well, it has been tough recently but Triskill Design is still working hard to provide a top quality Decorative Art and Design service to it's clients. Even with the challenging economic situation to deal with Triskill have taken a pro-active approach and are now offering our clients an even wider range of services including mosaic, customised artwork, gilding, digital murals and of course specialist painting. 

In order to provide these skills in a more efficient way, we have now moved into a new studio just off Bray Main Street in County Wicklow. This allows us to work on even larger customised artworks and also offers our clients an easy, drop in opportunity to view work in progress.

Recent projects this year have brought us everywhere from Dublin city centre to Bucharest and Miami and we have incorporated everything from lightbox artwork to detailed hand painted Murals. As most businesses in Ireland realise, it is important to now look abroad for work and to emphasise to other markets the quality of services that can be found in this country.

Trompe l'Oeil Coffered Ceiling, Bucharest - Work in Progress
With our new studio up and running we are about to start work on yet more panels for the on-going Bray Mosaic project. Soon to be completed is the 1950s panel funded by Bray Credit Union which we plan to have  installed in the station in the next few weeks. See below some photos of work from our studio - 

Studio shot of 1950s Panel from the Bray Mosaic Project


Thankfully we also have a busy new year ahead with more projects planned in Ireland and abroad, ranging from a Dublin historical mural to a Cuban themed restaurant. All of these projects offer us a chance to both build on skills we already have and to discover new ways of creating exciting artwork features - one client recently asked us to create a light feature for their bar which was an interesting challenge - we used laser cut MDF, perspex and colour changing LED to create an ambient and adjustable light source - see below -

Back lit LED and perspex ceiling feature

We want to be able to offer our clients as much of a choice when they come to us and to see us as a one-stop shop for interesting and creative solutions for interior decoration and architectural features.

Hopefully, you see something you find interesting here - Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want more information about our services or any of the projects we have been involved in,

Al the best,